“Our world in our hands


In this post i want to tell you something about our world. Do you observe any changes that happened around you,when you growing?

I think you are gona say that offcourse there are a lot of thing are changing and still are changing.

Then just answer do some of this changes are helping you a lot?

Then you will say yes ,we are developing our knowledge and inventing a lot of things thats makes us comfortable.

But do you thought this inventions might harmful to environment.yes there are a some of inventions that causing a lot of damage to our earth,like plastic .plastic is very useful to us .without plastic it is difficult to think about life now a days ,but you know that plastic causes damage to earth.

So i want to say  before inventing think whether it helps you or our earth.

Our beautiful world is in our beautiful hands.

Finally i want to say “think before you invent”.


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